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Thursday, June 5, 2008


Age: 20

Daytona Beach, Fla.

Greg is the first Real World roommate to be selected by viewers, who voted online for "PretyBoy" (aka "The Chosen One"). With an unusual outlook on life -- he refers to people around him as "peasants" and calls women "associates" -- he is extremely competitive when it comes to sports and academics. Greg's attitude does not make him a favorite in The Real World house, especially since he plays pranks on his roommates. Although he studied criminal justice at the University of Florida, Greg moved to Hollywood with dreams of becoming a model.


Age: 20

Philadelphia, Penn.

Brianna is a self-described "Philly girl" -- she tells it like it is and doesn't allow others to disrespect her. But beneath her tough exterior, she hides a very sensitive side. Before moving to Hollywood, Brianna worked as an exotic dancer and had a volatile relationship with her boyfriend. Her passion is singing, which led her to try out for season 5 of American Idol. Although she didn't make the final cut, she knew she had found her calling. But does Brianna have what it takes to make it in the business?


Age: 23

Detroit, Mich.

Cute, charismatic and witty, Will is the true ladies' man of The Real World house. In his hometown of Detroit, he worked as a DJ, performing at weddings, parties and bar mitzvahs. In Hollywood, Will plans to continue creating cool beats and showing off his moves -- both on and off the dance floor. Determined to be a super-successful music producer, Will is eager to hustle and hit the streets to sell the songs he has created. Is his determination about to pay off?


Age: 21

Phoenix, Ariz.

A recent graduate from Arizona State University, Sarah is serious about becoming a broadcast journalist. Although she's a budding feminist, she still retains some strong conservative, traditional views. Sarah is very close to her family, and this is the first time she has lived so far from home. Her move to Hollywood has put a strain on her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, who used to be her debate coach. Will The Real World teach Sarah how to stand on her own two feet or will she fall flat on her face?


Age: 22

Waynesboro, Penn.

Outgoing and fun, Dave loves to be the center of attention. He'll do just about anything for a laugh -- the more shocking the better, in fact. A naturally gifted athlete, Dave likes to participate in any and all sports, from football to track to cheerleading. Yes, cheerleading. Needless to say, he is very comfortable in his skin, especially in front of the camera. That's why Dave hopes moving to Hollywood for The Real World will be a springboard for him to become an actor or TV host.


Age: 24

Columbia, S.C.

With her Southern belle charm and na?veté, Kimberly is sometimes perceived as a ditzy blonde. Raised in a deeply religious household in a small town, she rebelled against her parents' restrictive rules. However, she's not quite sure how to harness her newfound freedom and energy. Kimberly loves to be around people and have a good time, but she doesn't always think before she speaks, and her Real World roommates often find her comments offensive. In Hollywood, Kimberly's goal is to become the host of an entertainment show.


Age: 24

Chicago, Ill.

A true blue Chicagoan, Joey has never ventured outside the state of Illinois. As a personal trainer and former bodybuilder, he is devoted to physical fitness and works out all the time. Despite staying focused, Joey is haunted by his troubled past that was riddled with addiction. He hopes The Real World will lead him down a new path so he can follow his dream of becoming an actor. But Joey's impossibly high expectations make dealing with the ups and downs of the business difficult. Will Hollywood prove to be too much for him?